Why Our Team

It Matters With Whom You Do Business

There are 1,000's of CTFO associates out there trying to grab your attention in order to join their team. So how do you choose a sponsor to work with?

Joining my team gives you INSTANT access to business building tools NO OTHER CTFO member is offering!  In addition to all the standard CTFO Corporate marketing support and training, you will receive extra resources designed to help you grow faster and make more money!

When you join my team you'll get:

MARKETING RESOURCES - You have access to a free, full marketing resource at Market Share Labs. Inside this members-only site, I give you all my resources, ideas, software, etc, that I personally use in order to run and market my business. Clear, step-by-step videos show you exactly what you should do in order to grow your online footprint, and build your CTFO team. Discover hidden "gems" I use to boost my business. Learn unique techniques and strategies that will keep you one step ahead of the competition.  There is no cost to using this service for my team members and is available only to those CTFO associates on the CBD.ceo team.

HIGH CONVERTING LANDING PAGE - I offer a free optimized landing page proven to convert visitors into team members. It's called CTFOLeaders.com and you'll enjoy your very own personal landing page. This gives you instant credibility and gives you a highly converting, customizable landing page you can share. I have several different landing page designs you can select from, all have been proven to convert. There is no cost to using this service for my team members and is available only to those CTFO associates on the CBD.ceo team.

BUSINESS BUILDER PACK BONUSES - Earn up to $155 in bonus products when you purchase a Business Builder Pack. Each builder pack allows you to earn additional commissions up to 21 levels deep when your team members purchase packs. They also give you deep discounts on products you use or sell to your customers. In addition to these benefits, I'll personally ship you up to $155 in bonus products you can use, sell or give away as incentives. This bonus is reserved for front-line associates to me (personally sponsored by myself). You can join my team and have me as your personal sponsor here: Join Now - Personally Sponsored By Peter

25+ YEARS EXPERIENCE - I started with my first direct sales job in 1994 while still in college. After years of building my resume and climbing the corporate ladder, at only 28 years old, I became 100% self-employed in 2002. Since that time, I've created, launched and grown several businesses and have managed to successfully sell several of them well into the 6-figure mark. In 2018 I finalized on my largest exit to date and purchased my dream house with the proceeds. I'm proficient in many dynamic business disciplines including:

  • Sales Funnels
  • WordPress Websites
  • SEO 
  • Recruitment & Training Optimization / Automation
  • Corporate Hiring / Training
  • Training Course Building & Deployment
  • SaaS Utilization For Increasing Efficiency
  • Hiring & Management of Virtual Assistants
  • Facebook Messenger / ManyChat Bot integration sequences
  • Data Mining / Sharing For Automation & Optimization With Zapier
  • Brand Development & Creation / Deployment of Launch Strategies

These are just a few of the skill sets I bring to my team members in order to help them build a bigger business, faster.


Support & Marketing Systems

There are two types of support - Corporate (provided to all CTFO business owners) and CBD.ceo's exclusive membership site Market Share Labs (free for all CBD.ceo team members). Everyone that joins gets all of the Corporate support, but in order to receive all the extra team support, you would need to enroll on my team, or with someone that is on my team.  Remember, all of this is free to join and to manage - there is never any monthly fees or purchasing requirements.  Let's review what you receive when you join.

Marketing & eCommerce Website

This site does it all for you, and will be up and running in just seconds!  From advertising and product information, to signing new members up on your team, you really don’t need anything else – and this is absolutely 100% free.  Your website will be activated once you set it up, which essentially requires you to pick a name to finish the URL.  For example, my personal CTFO website that I drive all my traffic to is:  http://palmiotto.myctfo.me.  You would simply replace my last name with anything you wanted (as long as it hasn’t been used by someone else). This is what I call the “main” website – which does a great job at explaining what CBD oil is.  Here’s what your main website will look like:

Opportunity / Recruitment Page

The second “site” you’ll receive is focused more on the business opportunity and supplies the visitors all the benefits of joining, the CTFO compensation plan and some informative videos.  This is actually just another page on your main site, but you can drive recruitment traffic directly here.  This is a simple link to remember, it’s just your Main website with /opportunity as the extension.  Here’s mine: https://palmiotto.myctfo.com/opportunity.html.  This layout may change from time to time as we’re always improving the look and customer experience.  Here’s a sneak peak:

Business Portal

Your back office business portal is the nerve center of your business.  In here you can manage your websites, personal information, payments, commissions, you can run reports, view your hierarchy and watch or download trainings.  There’s no addtional cost to having access to this portal. When you join, you’ll have instant access to your back office.

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Team "CBD CEO" Support & Marketing

When you join my group for free (or anywhere in my downline), you will have 24/7 access to our exclusive marketing membership site called Market Share Labs (marketsharelabs.com), we created this for you and it’s free for our team members.  People you recruit will also have free access to this resource – so almost all the work is done for you. You must register, and then I will approve your account once you are verfied that you are apart of our team!

Inside MarketShareLabs, we teach you how to grab your share of the market.  We understand most people don’t know much about on-line marketing, websites, ranking, SEO etc. etc. etc.  We give you step-by-step actions to follow.  We’re always testing and mashing things up to see what works best, and we discover new techniques all the time (like a lab!).  Only those on my team will be able to gain access.

Inside the Market Share Labs site you’ll have FREE access to all of our tools including:

  • The Marketer’s Toolbox – Compiled over the last 15 years of marketing, these are my “go to” tools to get my business up and running, and keep it running. Many of these are free services, some have low monthly fees but are totally optional. I’m focused on streamlining my efforts, getting more done in less time, and seeing results.  All of these tools have helped me save a boatload of time and money along the way.  It would take you years of research and $1,000’s in “trial and errors” to discover what works and what doesn’t.  I have them all in one place ready for you to start using. 
  • SEO The Basics – I’ve been working with websites since 2001 and have some pretty good tools and techniques to help me rank in the search engines. Google and Bing are always changing, and it takes an army to keep up with it. That’s why I’m always learning, keeping up with current trends and putting into action what I’ve learned.  I’ll show you some of the very easy things you can do – with little or no technical skills at all.  These are all step-by-step video instructions, very easy to follow.  Once you build one site and help it rank for keywords, you’ll want to do it over and over again!  After all, you ARE reading this right?  So you probably found me on-line…
  • Lead Magnetizer – That’s my fancy name for attracting leads, both team members and customers.  In this section I go over specific techniques you can do both on-line and off-line.  I still love walking into a small, independently owned business, and creating a partnership with them.  For instance, if you live in a town with a dry cleaner, you can approach the owner and ask to display your flyers / tri-folds or business cards in exchange for a listing on your website. Your website will be ranking very high in your town (I’ll show you how to do this in my Ninja Advertiser module), so you can show them on your phone how high your website ranks.  Work out a trade, it’s free for both of you, a true win-win.  The possibilities are endless with this tactic.  This is just one of many techniques I use to get clients and customers to come to me!
  • Ninja Advertising – Arguably the MOST POWERFUL module in my entire system, I used to sell just this course for $299.  I’ll show you exactly how to rank in the top 3 search results for Google in your local area, and how to be in the top 10 in nationwide searches for competitive keywords.  Now, most people think this is too much “work” or is beyond their comprehension.  I layout exactly which steps to take with hands-on videos of me building my sites, funnels and automation.  This IS the secret sauce you’ll definitely want to deploy to DESTROY your competition!
  • Private Label Vault – I went to college for graphic design, and I tend to design my own advertising banners, postcards, digital ads etc. For me it’s fun and relaxing, and I like watching things I create result in new clients.  I’ll open up my private label “vault” of goodies for you.  These are various advertisements, icons, JPGs, PNGs, digital headlines, skyscrappers and backgrounds.  These are the same designs I use myself.  And I’ll be adding more along the way as we shift towards different trends, colors or seasonal ads. 
  • Training & Support – We will host optional training calls. We understand you’re busy, so we’ll record these live calls and you can listen in on them at anytime you want. We’ll also have a ton of training docs to download, share or upload and use on your marketing sites.  And finally, you’ll always have access to me through my chat function on this site, the MarketShareLabs site and my personal cell phone number and my email address.   We can schedule one-on-one calls or meetings if you need extra help along the way.  You’re in business for yourself, not by yourself.  My mantra has always been:  “Help others get what they want first, only then will you get what you want.”
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