Contacting Me Is Easy

I'm happy to answer your call or chat with you directly on this site (chats ping my cell phone). You can also email me.  If I don't answer my phone, that means I'm on the other line and out of respect to the person I'm speaking with, I rarely place anyone on hold.  Send me a quick "chat" on this site with your number - that goes to my cell phone as a text and I'll get right back to you.

PLEASE Remember - I'm on east coast time (Maryland), so I'm 3 hours ahead of Los Angeles.  When it's 8pm in California, it's 11pm here.  I also have four kids I manage, so if you try contacting me after 10pm, it's more than likely I'll return your inquiry the next day.  I do my "grunt work" mostly at night, so try an email after 10pm, I'm most likely to see and respond to an email after 10pm.

I'm happy to set up a late night call / training if it's planned in advance (if you're on PST I can hold the call at 8pm which is 11pm my time - just as long as it's planned in advance).

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