Frequently Asked Questions About CTFO & CBD.CEO

Does CTFO test its oils?

Yes, purity is vital for safety and efficacy. You can see a sample of this testing report here >>

What is the CTFO compensation plan?

There are several different ways you can earn money when you join CTFO. From retail sales to team building, earning residual commissions is the goal of most associates. Watch the compensation video here>>

Does CBD.CEO offer any training?

Yes, we have designed https://www.marketsharelabs.com to help our team members grow their business. It contains marketing strategies, advertising ideas and how to videos. This training is unique to CBD.ceo and is only available to those in our sales organization. Access is always free to our team training. 

Additionally, there is a host of online trainings that the corporate office manages.  There are several weekly calls you can listen in on and training videos inside your back-office account.

Does CTFO oil have THC?

Yes and no. It depends on the products. Our oils contain LEGAL trace amounts of THC as we feel it’s important to utilized all of the plants benefits and not strip out any elements to achieve the “entourage” effect.  We also make most of our products cbd-free if a customer doesn’t want any CBD oil in their items.

Where does CTFO ship to?

CTFO ships to 15+ different companies including all 50 states (US), Canada, Italy, Spain, the UK just to name a few. Buy with confidence knowing that you are buying from a certified CBD oil distributor.

How and when does CTFO pay me?

CTFO pays its associates weekly through a bank transfer, check or online payment system. This is an electronic payment system that distributes your earnings into your checking or savings account, or onto a pre-paid card. You decide which payout method you want. You will receive an email notifying you that you have been paid. CTFO pays commissions 1x per week.

Is CTFO a scam?

No, CTFO is definitely not a scam. We have 1,000’s of affiliates and 100’s of THOUSANDS of happy customers!

What is CTFO cbd?

CTFO cbd is the oil we sell and market. The oil is derived from the hemp plant and not the marijuana plant (hemp can not get you high). CTFO uses cbd oil from the hemp plant.

Is CTFO an MLM or Multi Level Marketing Company?

Yes, CTFO is a multi-level-marketing company (mlm). All this means is that there are override commissions paid out to the sponsors of associates based on the sales generated by that new associate. This is a legal, ethical and very effective method of paying and compensating a sales organization. This structure is also known as Network Marketing.

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