Frequently Asked Questions About CTFO & CBD.CEO

What does CTFO stand for?

The definition of CTFO is currently “Changing The Future Outcome” and was changed in late 2017 to make way for the new line of organic CBD hemp oil products. Prior to this change, CTFO meant “Chew The Fat Off” (pictured) due to the main product line consisting of weight loss products. We still offer the same weight loss products, but the CBD products have taken center stage.old ctfo logo

Are CTFO products really organic?

Our hemp derived CBD oil is organic. So when you order the oils, you’re getting organic oils. When you order other products that are infused with the CBD oil, the final product is not organic. However, our suppliers are certified as GMP (good manufacturer practices) manufacturers, so you’re getting the best quality products available.

Does CTFO test its oils?

Yes, and we even display these results on our sites. Here are our current lab results: http://palmiotto.myctfocbd.com/labresults.html

What is the CTFO compensation plan?

There are several different ways you can earn money when you join CTFO for free. From retail sales to team building, earning residual commissions is the goal of most associates. Watch the compensation video here: https://www.cbd.ceo/ctfo-compensation-plan/

Does CBD.CEO offer any training?

Yes, we have designed https://www.marketsharelabs.com to help our team members grow their business. It contains marketing strategies, advertising ideas and how to videos. This training is unique to CBD.ceo and is only available to those in our sales organization. Access is always free to our team training.

Does CTFO oil have THC?

It depends on the product. Our isolate oils do not. Our 10x Pure does because it’s a full spectrum oil and should include all types of cannabinoids such as THC, CBDA, CBN, CBG, CBD etc. The amount of THC in CTFO oil is always less than .3% as required by law, but may be known to aid in the interactions and efficacy of a full spectrum oil.

Does CTFO ship to Canada?

Yes, CTFO ships to Canada and is one of the few certified companies to do so. Buy with confidence knowing that you are buying from a certified CBD oil distributor.

How does CTFO pay?

CTFO pays its associates weekly (on Wednesday’s) through a 3rd party company called Global Payroll Gateway (https://www.gpgway.com). This is an electronic payment system that distributes your earnings into your checking or savings account, or onto a pre-paid card. You decide which payout method you want. You will receive an email notifying you that you have been paid, so you know when to go into GPG and process your payment.

Is CTFO a scam?

No, CTFO is not a scam. It is a legitimate company based in California with products marketed and sold through a network of independent distributors. CTFO follows all existing state and federal laws and has strict policies in place for its associates to follow, ensuring honest and safe transactions with its customers.

What is CTFO cbd?

CTFO cbd is the oil we sell and market. The oil is derived from the hemp plant and not the marijuana plant (hemp can not get you high). CTFO uses this cbd oil in all of its products but also offers non-cbd oil versions of almost all of the products in order to cater to people that like the products, but may not want the cbd oil inside of it.

Does CTFO sell CBD gummies?

Yes, CTFO sells gummies with cbd oil. Each gummy has a pre-measured amount of 20mg of organic full spectrum cbd oil, allowing users to know exactly how much they’ve ingested. The gummies come in bottles of 30 pieces and have child safety lids to protect children from accidently ingesting too many of them at once. We recommend storing all products out of reach of children.

Is CTFO mlm?

Yes, CTFO is a multi-level-marketing company (mlm). All this means is that there are override commissions paid out to the sponsors of associates based on the sales generated by that new associate. This is a legal, ethical and very effective method of paying and compensating a sales organization. This structure is also known as Network Marketing.

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