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CTFO's CBD oil products are safe for the entire family at any age.

Is This Really Free?

A free start-up business? I was skeptical at first as well.  Free?  Really?  After all I had researched 5 of the “other” CBD companies out there and I was really impressed with them.  I was willing to fork over $500 in startup costs and website fees, but after finding CTFO, the decision became crystal clear.  

By Joining, I Can Keep My Money While I Work On Building My Business For Free

To be honest, I love the products, and I order about $150 worth of products per month for personal consumption. I always get the 10xPure Gold 1500, it’s about $120 for the 1000mg size (retails for $158), and my family uses it for everything!  Since it’s hydrophilic (easily mixes with water), it’s like taking a 5000mg dose.  This is because of its incredible bioavailability.

The other product I’m purchasing right now is the CTFO Ultimate Deep Healing Pain Cream…and the stuff is wonderful. We lather the kids with it anytime they complain about a sore body part (it shuts them right up – and quiet kids are worth any price).  Both my wife and I have some light hip pain from time to time, and this stuff is perfect – it works extremely well.  

Earn 20% Commissions – No Personal Purchase Required

Even though I purchase products every month, CTFO’s membership doesn’t require me to.  I was using CBD products long before CTFO was in the CBD market. So this truly is a free business that you can start right from home, with little or no money. You’ll earn a 20% commission on all your sales generated from your website, or your 1st level member’s personal orders, whether you purchase products for yourself or not!  This should eliminate any fear of financial loss when considering this opportunity.  I challenge you to find this opportunity anywhere else!  There is no risk for you to get started, there’s no risk for you to stay active and involved, and no risk for you to share your website with the world.

The Easiest Business To Start Is A Free One

I’ve started close to 10 different businesses since 1995, some on-line ecommerce and some brick-and-mortar stores.  And let me tell you, it’s insane how much capital you have to outlay before you even see the dollars start flowing the other direction!  

Think about that for a minute. All the items you need to set up and pay for PRIOR to opening the doors.  This could take weeks or months before you get your first sale. When I started my first retail business, I shelled out close to $85,000 just for inventory alone, not to mention the 3 year commercial lease I signed!  I visited the SBA site at and found a great list of things you would need in starting a traditional business:

  • Office space
  • Equipment and supplies
  • Communications
  • Utilities
  • Licenses and permits
  • Insurance
  • Lawyer and accountant
  • Inventory
  • Employee salaries
  • Advertising and marketing
  • Market research
  • Printed marketing materials
  • Making a website

After looking at this, we all know something like CTFO is the clear winner, especially when you consider how big the CBD industry is getting.  Check out this chart on CBD Growth through 2020.  Just staggering. That’s why you can’t wait any longer, get in now at the start of this tidal wave, and since this opportunity is free, there’s really no reason not too.

Need More Proof That CTFO is The Best Opportunity?  Take A Look At My CTFO Landing Page (provided for FREE by CTFO)

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A Hemp Oil Business You Can Be Proud Of

Now that growing the Hemp plant is 100% legal in the United States, products derived from Hemp will continue to gain popularity, and we're positioned to profit from this trend. You can read about this landmark decision here: 

Essentially, Hemp was banned in the early 30's mainly because of the Paper Lobbyists at the time felt threatened that Hemp had the ability to disrupt the paper industry (hemp paper was less expensive).  I'm sure by now the paper industry is in a much different position than they were back then.  I think paper usage has decreased and therefore the lobbyists are not as powerful (but that's just my opinion).

Furthermore, with all the uses of Hemp, it seems that other industries were fighting against the legalizing of the Hemp plant. From textiles and paper, to food and body care, Hemp can be used in 100's of ways with little impact to the environment. 

Since the Hemp plan only takes as little as four month from seed to harvest, it's a much better choice over trees, which can take years to grow. Simply put, Hemp has way more uses from a single plant than any other commercially available crop.  That's why you'll start seeing a lot more Hemp fields in the US in the coming years.

Want to learn more? Watch Our 5 Minute Hemp Video Here >>

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CTFO's Amazing CBD Products

This is a small sampling of our products. For a full view of our entire CBD product line, please visit

10x Pure Gold Super 1000mg CBD + CBDa Oil

1oz Bottle / 20mg of CBD per serving

Retail: $157.97

As Low As $74.99*

Keto Creamer Beverage Enhancer

1 Box of 30 Single Serving Packs

Retail: $39.97

As Low As $29.99*

10xPure Ultimate Multi-Vitamin Supplement

1 Bottle of 60 Soft Gels / 30 day supply

Retail: $65.97

As Low As $47.47**

Ultimate Deep Healing CBD Relief Cream

1oz Jar / 60mg CBD

Retail: $50.97

As Low As $33.22**

CBD Enhanced Gummies

30 count / 20mg per gummy

Retail: $80.97

As Low As $56.97**

Neck and Décolleté Anti-Aging Cream

1 oz Jar

Retail: $55.97

As Low As $37.97**

* Price displayed reflects per piece cost when purchasing a Platinum Business Builder Pack

** Price displayed reflects auto-ship pricing discount of 5%

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