What Does CTFO Mean

What Does CTFO Mean?

Great question, and what it means depends on who you ask!  Actually, it means two different things.  They are:

  • Chew The Fat Off
  • Changing The Future Outcome

When CTFO started, the meaning was the first one (Chew The Fat Off), presumably because their main product line was in the weight loss niche.  The products were consumable (chew), so as you used their variety of products, the fat came off.  There are tons of testimonials as to the positive efficacy of the CTFO Weight Loss products.

The other thing that CTFO means is “Changing The Future Outcome”, which indicates the business opportunity and the affects the new CBD infused products are having.  You can literally change your financial future or change the future of your health (both very important…obviously). 

chew the fat off
chew the fat off
changing the future outcome

Changing The Future Outcome / Chew The Fat Off

You can see by the logos above that the company keeps evolving over time, which is normal for most growing companies.


After the launch of CTFO's CBD oil-infused products in January of 2018, the company exploded with new customers, increased growth and a new focus.  No longer were they focused just on weight loss, but an entire hemp oil business was created. The popularity of the brand overtook the previous product demand, so it only made sense to rebrand the company to better position itself for future growth.

"Changing The Future Outcome" allows the company to create and market a variety of products (not just weight loss), that will change your future, and the product that is leading the way is CBD oil. 

Now that CBD oil-infused products is CTFO's main product, it's important to understand WHY I chose the company (because it has a lot to due to the products). To learn more about why I chose CTFO, check out my CTFO Reviews Website.